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News, Safety | August 5, 2009

Surge Protectors

it-surgeWith the recent storms we have had in our area, I received several calls for power outages. While investigating the outages in people’s homes, I found a lot of surge protectors to be blown out.

These surge protectors did their job: took the hit and successfully protected the homes from damage.

Once hit like this, the surge protectors need to be replaced to provide protection in the future. They need to be replaced even if some of the outlets on the surge protector are still working. Most protectors usually have a green indicator light that indicates the protectors is still working properly.

The best protection against lightning is to unplug your tvs and computers including the cable and phone lines. Unfortunately we cant always be home to unplug so the next best thing is to have surge protectors. I recommend a whole house surge protector to be installed at the breaker panel and the power strip type at all of electronics, computers, tvs, stereos exedra

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