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Avoiding Overload Problems With EV Chargers

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), many of us are getting into the world of fast-charge EV chargers. Here at Southern Chester County Electric, we’ve been installing quite a few of them and we’ve learned a lot along the way. It’s important to know that these chargers need a fair bit of electricity, and if you’re thinking about using a generator with them, there are a few things you should consider.

The Power Needs of EV Chargers

Fast-charge chargers are great because they juice up your car quickly, but they do pull a lot of power. When we talk about using a generator, especially the portable kind, it’s often not up to the task. They just can’t provide the amount of electricity needed. And it’s not just the portable ones; even larger, standby generators can struggle under the load.

The Risks of Overloading

If you try to power your EV charger with a generator during an outage, you might end up overloading it. This can cause the generator to shut down, leaving you without power and your EV uncharged. Plus, overloading can damage your generator and other electrical devices at home.

How to Manage the Load

The key is managing the electrical load to prevent overloading your generator. This means being mindful of how much power you’re using at once and ensuring it’s within the generator’s capacity. It’s all about balance and making sure your generator can handle the demand.

We’re Here to Help

If all this sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry! At Southern Chester County Electric, we’re equipped to help you navigate these challenges. Whether you need advice on the right setup, want to upgrade your generator, or just need help with managing your electrical load, we’re just a call away.

Video: Protecting Your A/C System From Surge Damage

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

In this video I explain how an inexpensive DITEK surge protector can protect your A/C system, potentially preventing thousands of dollars in damages.

Summer Safety Tips for Pools & Spas

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Summer is here, and our pools, spas and hot tubs are back in action. Before you get in, make sure to test all GFCI outlets and breakers around the pool and hot tub areas. Each GFI outlet should power off when you press the test button. Immediately replace any defective outlets.

Also, don’t be tempted to use extension cords to power devices near your pool. Use battery powered devices. Keep all electric equipment and appliances away from pools, spas and hot tubs. And of course, stay away from the pool area during thunder and lightning.

Our featured photo shows a new wired and installed 50 amp GFCI hot tub disconnect in Cochranville. Have a great summer!

Whole House Surge Protection

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Two Intermatic Whole House Surge Protectors model #IG1240RC3 installed in Landenburg

Today’s homes are full of electronics, things ranging from TVs and computers, to heating and cooling equipment, and more. All of these have sensitive electronics that are susceptible to spikes and power surges. Surge protectors are an important part of a homes electrical system.
Contact Us to discuss Whole House Surge Protection options that may be good for you.


Intermatic model# IG1240RC3 Whole House Surge Protection installed on a double pole 20 amp breaker in Kennett Sq Pa

Safely Ground Home Connections With IBT

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013


The National Electrical Code was revised in 2008 to require the use of IBT devices (Intersystem Bonding Termination) when installing or upgrading electric service.

The IBT device makes it easy to properly ground phone, cable, satellite and other connections. Proper grounding on your on your equipment is safer and less likely to be damaged by surges, including lightning.

If you have questions about this device, or want to make sure that your home connections are properly grounded, contact us today!

Space Heater Safety

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Southern Chester County Electric wants you to have a safe and warm winter. Space heaters are a good way to heat areas in your home and can save you money by only heating the occupied room, allowing you to turn down the main heat in the rest of the house.

Space heaters can be dangerous if not used properly and are a major cause of fires in the cold winter months. Never leave a space heater unattended and unplug when not in use. Check plug and outlet to make sure you have a nice tight connection and feel the cords and plugs to make sure they are not getting too hot.

Keep heaters at least 3 feet away from combustibles like drapes curtains and furniture. Keep pets and children away and check to see if your heater is equipped with over heat protection and tip over shut off. Never use an extension cord on a electric heater.

The photos above and below show a burned up plug and outlet in Cochranville, PA.

Summer A/C Unit Safety

Monday, June 25th, 2012

During the recent heat wave our air conditioners are running constantly, around the clock. Its important to have good connections from the breaker panel to where we plug them in.

Any loose connection can cause arcing, heat and eventually a fire. It’s a good idea to check and make sure that you have a good tight connection between the plug and the receptacle. Its also important to have your A/C unit on a separate dedicated line on its own breaker.

The picture above shows a burned-up air conditioner cord and the outlet it was plugged into in a home here in Chester county.

Using Electric Heaters

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Historically electric heat has been an expensive way to heat your house. However, with the high cost of oil and gas this year the use of portable electric heaters has become more popular.

Electric heaters allow you to turn down the heating system for the whole house and just heat an occupied room where needed.

Electric heaters can be a safety hazard if not used properly. Always leave plenty of space around your heater, keep them away from drapes or curtains, and never use a extension cord.

Also, check cords and plugs to make sure they are not getting hot. Be sure that the outlet you use is nice and tight. Any loose connection with these high wattage heaters can cause a fire hazard.

Above you can see a burned up receptacle from a loose connection that this heater was plugged into from here in West Grove, PA.

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Each year many children suffer electric shock or burns from inserting objects into electrical outlets on the wall.  For newly constructed homes and remodel jobs in our area, electricians are required to use tamper resistant (TR) receptacles, also known as child proof outlets.

TR receptacles are designed so that a single object like a paper clip or pin cannot be pushed into the outlet. It has a dual spring loaded shutter that only opens when an actual plug is inserted into it.

If you have young children in your house this is a great safety feature and can be a lot more convenient than the little child proof caps that need to be put in all the outlets.

This photo shows one of many decor style TR receptacles available, this one installed in a home in Avondale, PA.

Outdoor Lighting Safety

Friday, March 9th, 2012

There are many things to consider when wiring and lighting your barns, garages and out buildings. Open bulb light fixtures can be unsafe because they can ignite fires if the bulbs are broken and even just the heat of an open bulb can ignite a fire.

Its a good idea to protect lights, switches, outlets and wiring from physical damage from farm tools, equipment and machinery as well as livestock and even rodents can chew through unprotected wires. Also its important to keep out the moisture as well as dust, debris and insects.

The two first pictures above show unsafe open bulb lighting and an unprotected switch and wiring at a sheep barn in Oxford, PA. The three final pictures show the new, safer lighting and wiring that we installed.

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