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Cool Your Home Efficiently with Whole House Fans

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Whole house fans are a great way to cool your house down this summer. They pull fresh cool air in from outside the house and push it through the attic and then back outside, cooling the attic at the same time.

Whole house fans can save you money on your electric bills by lowering your air conditioning usage. This Tamerack HV 1600 pictured here was installed in Lancaster and it has powerful energy efficient fan motors and comes with a two speed remote control.

Get Prepared for Winter with a Portable Generator

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

This Generac 8000 watt portable generator was installed in West Chester, PA

We just had our first ice storm of the season, and fortunately it wasn’t as bad as ice storms from the past. However, don’t let old man winter sneak up on you next time. Get prepared with a portable generator!

For most homes we recommend the Generac 8000 watt portable generator. This unit has what it takes to keep the important things working during a power outage, and it also won’t break the bank. Your refrigerators, sump pump, well pump, heater and lights can be wired into a transfer panel to make it easy.

Once it’s set up, there will be no need to run a bunch of dangerous extension cords throughout the house. Just roll out the generator and plug in one cord, then hit the transfer panel switches.

Zephyr 2500 Solar Attic Fan

Friday, August 29th, 2014
Zephyr 2500 Solar Attic Fan

Zephyr 2500 Solar Attic Fan

Zephyr 2500 Product Review

The Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fans are made in the USA. The Zephyr 2500 has a 12 volt whisper quiet motor that delivers 1550 CFM with a lifetime warranty, and a 30% tax credit. We give it a five out of five star rating *****.

You can Contact Us to discuss installing an attic fan in your home.

Consider a Lamp Post Light For Your Yard

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Adding a lamp post light to your yard is a great home improvement that will give your house curb appeal as well as added security lighting, especially if the area you live in has no street lights. Lamp post lights come in all shapes and sizes even solar powered LED lamp models.

You can also purchase coach lamp light fixtures for on your house that will match your lamp post head or even a matching mail box. These photos show a lamp post light installation and matching mail box with address number here in West Chester, PA.

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