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News | February 9, 2014

SCC Electric Recycles


Working as an electrician generates a lot of unusable scrap materials. We are careful to recycle where we can, including breaker panels, meter boxes, outlet boxes, light fixtures, ceiling fans, motors, batteries, copper and aluminum wire and more.

Safety | December 17, 2013

Safely Ground Home Connections With IBT


The National Electrical Code was revised in 2008 to require the use of IBT devices (Intersystem Bonding Termination) when installing or upgrading electric service.

The IBT device makes it easy to properly ground phone, cable, satellite and other connections. Proper grounding on your on your equipment is safer and less likely to be damaged by surges, including lightning.

If you have questions about this device, or want to make sure that your home connections are properly grounded, contact us today!

News | October 30, 2013

Lightning Repairs & Maintenance

A burned-out dusk to dawn photo cell that controls a lamp post light in the 55 and older villages at Penn Ridge in West Grove, PA.

A burned-out dusk to dawn photo cell that controls a lamp post light in the 55 and older villages at Penn Ridge in West Grove, PA.

This summer we had several calls for lighting repairs from the lightning storm surges. Lightning can damage electrical equipment and accessories including timers, photo cells, ballasts and transformers.

We can help troubleshoot, maintain and repair your lighting systems for your home and business. We can replace from fluorescent bulbs, CFL, LED, metal halide, high pressure sodium and more. We also replace  and install photo cells, timers, ballasts and more.


A replacement 150-watt ballast from a lightning damaged lamp post light im New Daleville

Tips | August 26, 2013

Integrated Generator Backup Power With an Interlock Kit


Interlock devices allow you to turn your existing breaker panel or sub panel into a generator transfer panel by safely back feeding your breaker panel with power from your generator.

This device only allows the breaker to the generator to be turned on if the main breaker is off and only allows the main to be turned on if the generator breaker is off. Take care when using a interlock device to make sure that your generator can handle the load.

These photos show an interlock device installed on a sub panel here in Oxford, in Chester county.


Ways to save | June 26, 2013

Beat the Heat With an Attic Fan

attic fan installation

The hot summer sun beating down on your roof can cause your attic to reach temperatures up to 130 degrees. These high temperatures can transfer down into the living space of your home causing your A/C to run more than it should.

Solar attic ventilator fans make great sense here; powered by the sun, they can move hot air out of the attic and pull in cooler air from outside. Keeping the air flowing thru your attic will help lower your energy bills and also reduce moisture build-up and can prolong the life of your roofing shingles.
Read the rest here »

Tips | May 29, 2013

Back-Up Power Systems


June 1st is the beginning of the hurricane season. This is a good time to make sure your back up power systems are in good working condition.

Make sure that your maintenance is up-to-date on your generators; check the oil, oil filters, air filters and batteries. Remove old gasoline and add fresh gas. Test run your generator and test the voltage output to make sure it is what the manufacturer recommends.

For commercial buildings test emergency lights and exit signs and replace batteries and bulbs if needed. Emergency lights and exit signs can save lives, allowing people to find their way out of a building in the event of a emergency.

The photo below show (in order) an 8 circuit transfer panel and an L14 30 twist lock outlet for a portable generator in Atglen, PA, and at the bottom we’re draining the oil on a Generac whole house standby generator in Oxford, PA. The top picture shows a battery replacement underway on emergency lights at Traditions at Inniscrone club house in West Grove, PA.




Tips | April 30, 2013

Make These Upgrades Before Selling Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your house there are some easy and inexpensive upgrades and repairs you can do to make your house more attractive to prospective buyers, as well as help you pass your home inspections.

First, make sure you have working GFCI outlets that are required at wet locations in your house such as bathrooms, kitchen, basement, garage and outside the house. Replace outlet covers and light fixtures indoor and outdoor and replace smoke detectors.

For more info on getting your house ready to sell contact Jennifer Dastalfo at Beiler-Campbell Realtors. The top photo shows new front door lights in West Chester, and below is a GFCI outlet and weather-proof outlet cover in Landenburg, PA.

Ideas | March 20, 2013

Consider a Lamp Post Light For Your Yard

Adding a lamp post light to your yard is a great home improvement that will give your house curb appeal as well as added security lighting, especially if the area you live in has no street lights. Lamp post lights come in all shapes and sizes even solar powered LED lamp models.

You can also purchase coach lamp light fixtures for on your house that will match your lamp post head or even a matching mail box. These photos show a lamp post light installation and matching mail box with address number here in West Chester, PA.

Tips | March 5, 2013

Daylight Savings Reminders

Daylight savings time begins March 10, so don’t forget to change the batteries on your smoke detectors. Also smoke detector units are recommended to be replaced every 10 years, so check the date on the back of your smoke detector when you change the battery.

An estimated 65% of deaths from home fires took place in a home without a working smoke detector. Smoke detectors are recommended to be installed in all bedrooms and on every floor.

Uncategorized | February 27, 2013

Local MMA Fighter Wins In Sherman Event

Congratulations to heavyweight MMA Fighter Jeff Melendez from West Grove, PA on his win at the Sherman Cage Rage MMA at the Historic Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA. Jeff won the three round unanimous decision and dominated every round of the fight. Way To Go Jeff!

Thanks to all the family and friends from the Southern Chester County YMCA who supported Jeff and traveled up to see the fight.

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